About us

My name is Louise and I'm an independent jewellery designer and producer from Market Bosworth.

I have now been making, designing and teaching jewellery making courses for over 10 years. My jewellery style is contemporary combining modern and traditional techniques to make various styles of jewellery, however my style is primarily focused on nature and life. Due to the inclusiveness and beauty of nature, my jewellery is suitable for all ages, however I can do customised designs to meet specific requirements.

Since I was young I have always had a passion for art and design which led me to begin learning the art of jewellery making. I am a senior metal clay instructor and glass teacher having developed my skill through many courses. I have a higher diploma in silver clay and teach at several schools of jewellery as well as teaching from my home studio in Market Bosworth. One of my proudest moments was seeing one of my pieces displayed at an International Silver Accessories Exhibition in Tokyo.

When I first began making jewellery my focus was on finger and footprint imprint jewellery.  As I have five children and am very maternal, so capturing such special memories between parent and child means a lot to me. As I started to expand my jewellery range, I started to focus on nature, making many pieces from real leaves. This was a natural progression from imprint jewellery as it was a similar concept of capturing an imprint. I loved the intricate detail that could be captured so beautifully in silver.

As my skills have grown, I have branched out and started to create more varied collections, however nature is always the central theme. My pieces have been made by me in my home studio in Market Bosworth. My studio overlooks fields and trees, which influence my designs and some of my jewellery is even made with leaves from right outside my studio. My jewellery resonates with people interested in natural beauty, who are looking for something different to the commercialised, mass produced high street jewellery.

I hope to provide you with some of my pieces in the future or even see you on one of my courses where I can pass on some of my knowledge and skills so you can design and make your own unique jewellery.

Louise x


Mission Statement for Louiseannedesigns

To behave ethically in an environmentally-friendly manner and generate enjoyment and fun when we make, and teach how to create, beautiful pure solid silver jewellery pieces.

We do this through two channels of our business:

1) our shop and

2) our studio learning centre.

  1. Our shop

We will sell, at prices that represent fair value, our hand-made solid silver jewellery pieces for you to wear yourselves or use as treasured gifts for your loved ones. Each piece is hand made personally by Louise and is therefore unique. Louise takes great pride and care in making each piece regardless of their value or size to ensure you are pleased with your purchase. Whilst she is always developing her designs, she will try and help if you want your own designs. She will act honestly and in your best interests by being fair in advising you whether her skills or the materials are suitable for such requests

      2. Studio learning centre

Louise personally teaches in all of her classes. She aims to amaze and bring joy to you, regardless of your existing skill levels and abilities, by showing you how to make these wonderful creations for yourself through relaxed, enjoyable and informative workshops. Louise will take you from the basics of using silver clay for your design, firing and polishing up your finished products which you will take away with you to treasure and keep.

The environment

The environment is massively important to all of us. We want to play our part and conduct our business as eco-friendly as possible. We source our silver clay from manufacturers who recycle materials to extract the silver content for use in the silver clay. The clay turns into pure solid silver when fired. We aim to use recycled material as much as possible in the operation of our business, for example packaging and paper.