Eco jewellery



The materials we choose to work with at louiseannedesigns reflects our values in keeping waste to a minimum and using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Our silver jewellery is all made from silver clay which is made of either around 7% copper and 93% silver (sterling) or 99% silver for pure silver.The silver is reclaimed from medical, scientific and communications equipment ground into a fine powder and combined with an organic binder and water to make it malleable.

Metal clay is textured, sculpted or carved in a method similar to ceramics. Once dry and refined it is fired at a high temperature in a kiln. The binders burn off and leave pure silver, a process known as sintering. The texture and shape of the orginal design are preserved intact.

-Sterling silver clay is  .925 pure when fired (92.5% silver).

-Silver metal clay is .999 pure and is called Fine Silver when finished. It contains no other metals.

Silver clay is an environmentally friendly product because it is a reclaimed material in the first instance. In all stages of the making process the material is recyclable.

Our jewellery boxes are made of 78% recycled materials and are recyclable should you no longer need it.